First & Calvary Presbyterian Church

Location:  820 E CHERRY; SPRINGFIELD, MO 65806


The First & Calvary Presbyterian Church is a landmark piece of architecture found near the Missouri State campus in Springfield, MO. This site features custom fabricated single line handrail constructed with stainless steel round bar, found at the building exterior and parking lot. Custom Manufacturing & Polishing, Inc. polished and fabricated material that was purchased on the client's behalf at a great price thanks to our high volume stainless purchasing capabilities. The rails were constructed and installed on-site by Architectural Technologies, Inc.

Completed in 2015, this project demonstrates the elegance and beauty of our stainless architectural products in a simple and minimalist fashion. Property owners who purchase our products appreciate the low-maintenance and corrosion resistant qualities of stainless. In addition to keeping a shiny and new appearance for years to come, stainless steel is a great choice for eco-conscious organizations because it's a recycled material.

Scope of Fabrication & Installation:

  • Custom Stainless Steel Single-Line Handrail Systems: Round Bar

CMPI's client for our work on this project was the First & Calvary Presbyterian Church itself. Although we frequently work with General Contractors and Subcontractors for our architectural fabrications and installations, we also deal directly with property owners who are looking to renovate or expand their buildings. If you are a business owner looking to improve your property value with beautiful architectural stainless with a customized flair, get in touch and let us know what you're looking to create!


Looking for your own custom manufactured and polished stainless steel railing systems, or other ornamental metalwork that we can provide? The potential applications for architectural stainless steel are nearly limitless. Call us today for a quote on custom stainless fabrications & architectural installations!

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